Plans for Bolton Business Bake Off underway

January 3, 2019 by  

Cooperation for February’s Bolton Business Bake Off (BBBO) has started.

The BBBO is a collaboration between Bolton College and local enterprises. Work on the project is now in progress. Business cards can be useful at corporate events of all types.

Bolton Tweet Up (BTU) is central to the networking effort behind the BBBO. The BTU was initiated by Sophie McGrath. Ms McGrath is based at Full Circle IT Solutions (FCIS). McGrath told the Bolton News:

“The general idea is to get businesses from Bolton talking to each other regularly, helping each other out, getting to know one another and passing business. Networking without getting out the office.”

McGrath added that the BTU has achieved a lot since its establishment in the summer of 2017. Arguing that the discussions have been productive and that friendships have formed as a result of the scheme, McGrath suggested that more firms could benefit if they got involved.

BTU takes place on Thursday afternoons. Pictures and GIFs tend to be shared, while information about specific events is distributed too. Up to 90 organisations have been tempted to participate. In a single hour, approximately 500 tweets have flowed from the outfits in question.

A range of firms have become involved in the networking under discussion. Momentum Legal, Room Four Dessert (RFD) and Super Logo Boy (SLB) are all making a significant contribution.