New Transport for Greater Manchester branding unveiled

April 5, 2011 by  

Greater Print company in Manchester printing services Manchester Public Transport Executive, the company responsible for running public transport in the Greater Manchester area, has unveiled its new branding and new name this weekend.

The organisation is now called Transport for Greater Manchester and a new logo and new promotional material is being created as part of the rebranding exercise. One element that increasingly comes under scrutiny for such companies is the amount of money spent on branding and advertising and Transport for Greater Manchester are aware of this fact, choosing to create designs for their logo in-house rather than outsource the work to more expensive brand agencies. The logo has been created in black and white to cut down on Print company in printing printing services printing costs and the rebrand is being rolled out gradually to minimise spending.

Many local organisations in Greater Manchester, in areas such as Print company in Bolton printing services Bolton, are cutting back on costs and choosing to create their own promotional materials rather than outsource them, meaning in many cases that they use small local Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers.

Bolton businesses for example are increasingly looking for ways to get the best possible value from their marketing budgets and firms are increasingly prepared to use local companies who can offer a bespoke service with good value, like local Print company in brochure printers in Bolton printing services brochure printers in Bolton rather than large national firms. Transport for Greater Manchester has set a strong example of how a rebrand can be done without huge budgets and many companies will take their lead when considering their own rebranding exercises in the current austere climate.