L’Oreal and Grazia team up for unique campaign

June 13, 2010 by  

Beauty brand L’Oreal is teaming up with weekly magazine, Grazia, to run what is called and augmented reality (AR) campaign which will feature brand ambassador for L’Oreal, Cheryl Cole.

The campaign is to introduce the launch of L’Oreal’s Glam Shine Reflexion lip gloss range and is designed to push the launch in a very unique and memorable way across magazine and internet.

Cheryl Cole will ‘come to life off the page’ so to speak in a behind the scenes film of the making of the TV commercial for the product. Using an embedded AR symbol printed on the page of the magazine, readers will be directed to a website where, when they hold up the AR symbol to a webcam, this will activate the behind the scenes film. The magazine advertisement will run exclusively in Grazia throughout June and July to coincide with the television advertisement itself.

Grazia has used augmented reality technology before to display their cover girl Florence and the Machine singing her hit “You’ve got the love” in 3D.

Augmented reality is very much a buzz word in advertising at the moment and can be used in printed poster campaigns as well as magazine to great effect, bringing posters to life with 3D images or coupled with digital screen technology for futuristic poster campaigns. There are large printing companies who will be capable of doing this but you may prefer to speak to a local print company in Bolton or elsewhere closer to you to find out more about printing costs and effects that can be obtained from AR.