Bolton’s market gets a boost

November 4, 2010 by  

Print company in Bolton printing services Bolton’s monthly market held in the centre of the town is enjoying continued success and growth as the number of stalls manned at the local produce market increases with each month. The popularity of the town centre stalls has been proved so much so that a new company, Smallprint, has joined their ranks.

Local produce markets and ‘farmer’s markets’ have become increasingly popular in recent years as consumers shun larger retailers in favour of supporting the local community and Bolton’s local produce market is always on the look-out for new traders.

Local company, Smallprint, takes the print of a child’s finger in silver and produces jewellery as keepsakes for parents or children, or as gifts for relatives. They join several other traders in the area who set their stalls up on a monthly basis. Amongst those is St Mark’s Bakers, another recent addition to the market.

Bolton’s shoppers can browse amongst the local produce, including pickles, vegetables, fine meats and gifts such as cards or soaps. A partner in the Smallprint family run business, Gemma Thurlbeck, claimed that they had joined the market having seen how popular other local produce markets could be. Smallprint saw Bolton’s growing local market as a chance to network, as well as support the town itself, and raise awareness of their own business. Supporting other businesses and Print company in brochure printers in Bolton printing services brochure printers in Bolton, Thurlbeck commented that they would also look to publicise other businesses from the local area by bringing their brochures to the market to distribute.