Bolton man charged for pizza gun crime

December 20, 2011 by  

A man from Bolton has been charged with four and a half years in prison after using a gun to threaten a local pizza delivery driver.

Wesley Chapman was drunk when he ordered food from his Shah, his local takeaway, without having the means to pay for it. When Tawssal Hussain, the delivery driver, refused to give the food to the customer, Chapman pulled out a gun and threatened Hussain, who then fled the scene. This news has come as a shock to many local businesses, not just takeaways, as it is unusual for such behaviour to take place. Many local takeaways use printing companies in Bolton to provide menu printing services via the medium of flyer printing.

Bolton-based Stuart Round is a detective constable who worked on this case. He commented on Chapman’s behaviour and subsequent sentence in a quote given to the Manchester Evening News, saying:

“This was an utterly stupid thing for Chapman to do for a bite to eat, but the underlying message is that robberies such as this are taken very seriously. The driver felt that his life could have been in danger when the gun was pointed at him and this cannot be tolerated.”

Chapman was tried at Bolton Crown Court and found guilty of both possessing an imitation firearm and of robbery. He does not have any other convictions and pleaded guilty at the trial, before receiving his sentence. His victim, Tawssal Hussain, has spoken about the event, saying he is still mentally scarred by it and had to take five months off work to recover.