Appeal to save Ramsbottom church spire

October 10, 2011 by  

Local residents and businesses in Ramsbottom, Lancashire have joined together to support an appeal to save the local church spire from falling into disrepair.

St Paul’s Church of England spire in Ramsbottom was inspected in May and it is estimated that more than £10,000 worth of work will need to be done to rebuild the spire. A fundraising team has been put together to act as a committee that will oversee activities designed to reach the financial target. The team has been given just one year to come up with the funds needed to repair the spire.

The committee’s slogan is ‘Save Our Spire’ and this was recently the focal point of a large, full colour banner that was printed and hung from the spire itself, encouraging local people to get involved with fundraising. There have also been brochures printed detailing the history of the church to try and encourage support. Local businesses donated money to fund the brochure and banner printing.

Bolton and the surrounding region is home to a number of churches that often face similar issues and it is hoped that other church communities from the wider Lancashire area will get behind St Paul’s Save Our Spire appeal.

By promoting any fundraising events using large-format, high impact banner printing, the church will have a good chance of publicising their message to a wider audience and this will hopefully drum up the support they need to raise the £10,000 to save the spire.