Expansion planned at Birmingham Airport

August 3, 2018 by  

Birmingham Airport has announced that it plans to significantly expand the terminal building as part of a project set to cost around £15 million to realise.

These plans are known as the “Terminal Extension 3 (TE18)” and will see both the baggage area and the departure lounge within the airport increase in size. The bathroom facilities in the current departure lounge will be greatly improved as part of the work, which will see some disruption at the airport whilst it is ongoing.

Documents that detail the proposed changes have now been submitted to the local council and the next stage will be a period of consultation that could take up to three weeks. This is expected to get underway in the near future.

The airport has also started to seek a building contractor for the project, having put it out to tender. A spokesperson for the airport told the Birmingham Mail that the extension would be situated between the short pier and main terminal, adding:

“The extra terminal space is intended to ensure a high level of customer service at Birmingham Airport, ensuring more comfort to our passengers. This proposal is an extension to the existing departure lounge and outbound baggage processing facility.”

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