Birmingham to host X Factor auditions

May 3, 2017 by  

Televised auditions for talent show The X Factor are set to come back to Birmingham this summer, following a four-year period in which the judges have been absent from the city.

Although Simon Cowell and the rest of show’s production team have visited other English cities like Manchester and London during that time, Birmingham has been left out of the equation. That is all set to change however, with auditions scheduled to take place during June.

Once more, the ICC is expected to serve as the venue for these auditions and there is no doubt that hundreds of youngsters will descend on it, hopeful of achieving their dreams of stardom in the music business.

It was the presenter of the show, Dermot O’Leary, who announced the news that the auditions would be returning to the city. In his interview with the Birmingham Mail he stated that:

“We’ve been away for a couple of years but we’re coming back, which I’m delighted about because Birmingham is a brilliant city…I hope we’ll come back to the ICC, we’re normally there in that nice spot by the canal.”

Open auditions to secure a spot in June’s televised ones are already underway and it is likely that places that provide poster printing will be in demand to help promote this process over the next couple of months.