Birmingham to get new Argos warehouse

August 3, 2017 by  

Birmingham is set to get a new Argos warehouse, with the news that the successful retail firm is planning to launch a logistics centre at a site located in the north of the city.

The warehouse will be based at The Hub, an industrial park that can be found within the Witton district of Birmingham. It will occupy the vacant 69 unit at the park, but at the moment, Argos has not provided any detailed information about how many jobs will be available at the space, which measures 69,296 sq. ft.

The chosen unit represents a green development and is set to feature a specialist form of battery tech, as well as photovoltaic panels, with the aim of significantly lowering energy costs. The warehouse will receive its electricity directly from these panels, which are solar-charged, so that it is ready for use instantly.

The project is being led by IM Properties and its development manager, Rachael Clark, told the Birmingham Mail:

“We wanted to lead the market on the sustainability agenda and we are very pleased to see our first building adopting the innovative use of photovoltaic panels and next-gen battery technology going live in the coming months.”

Once this warehouse opens in the autumn, it will be able to use places that offer stationery printing, so that it has the official forms needed to operate smoothly.