Puddle Jumping Championships coming to Belfast

February 3, 2019 by  

Children in Belfast are set to have a licence to get as wet and muddy as they like later this month, as the Northern Ireland Puddle Jumping Championships will take place in the city.

This tournament is exactly what you would expect from the name: a soggy saga of kids competing to make the biggest and wettest splash by jumping in puddles. The winners are determined by something called a splash-o-meter, but children that don’t manage to soak themselves sufficiently to win can still cover themselves in glory – and muddy water – with creative jumps.

The venue for this unusual event will be Castle Espie, near Belfast, and it is scheduled to take place during the half-term holiday. This will make it an ideal way of keeping kids amused during the break, and parents are often informed of events like this through poster printing.

All of the children taking part will get ‘splashtastic’ stickers, while the winner will be given a pair of Wellington boots and a goodie bag. Speaking to Belfast Live, the Marketing Manager for the castle, Melissa McGovern, said:

“We know that children love nothing more than to splash about in puddles, so we thought we’d give them the chance to channel their inner splasher through our nation-wide puddle jumping competition.”

The event is set to be held between 22nd and 24th February.