Somerset locals call for change to flyposting policy

August 29, 2011 by  

Somerset residents are calling for a change in local authority policy when it comes to prosecuting people for putting up posters.

Currently, people illegally putting up posters in Somerset are subject to national laws that state fly posters should remove the offending item within seven days or face a fine of up to £2,500. This law is the same whether the promoter is a nationally recognised event organiser promoting a concert or a small village charity organising a village fete.

Local residents in Somerset feel that the rules should be different for small local events. A local live music promoter, Dan Smith from Bridgwater told the BBC:

“”We’ve had threatening letters, we’ve had court action and each poster that we put up they say that we could be subject to a £75 fine. In the last two years I’ve paid in the region of about £700 in fines just for advertising around the area.”

Dan is now moving the events he organises to other towns in the South West where he will not face as strict a hand when it comes to advertising. When small businesses or organisations invest in promotional material, it can be a blow if a fine is imposed, no matter how small and many organisations need the boost that comes from advertising via poster printing.

Bath, Bridgwater and the wider Somerset region are all subject to the national flyposting laws and the local councils have no plans to change this at present.