Search turns to the internet and poster printing to help find missing Bath student

April 7, 2011 by  

The search for missing Bath Spa University student James Bubear was recently stepped up after several leads that could have led to information on the whereabouts of the missing 19 year old. Local police had been pinning their hopes on gaining information from a woman spotted speaking to James on CCTV on the night that he went missing, however the woman could not help with enquiries and this case has seen the people of Bath and the surrounding area take their own actions to try and locate James. Tina Elliot, a local woman from nearby Chippenham, has been instrumental in helping the search campaign. Tina Elliot’s brother, Phillip Elliot, disappeared 11 years ago and on hearing about James Bubear’s disappearance, Tina found that this brought back memories of her own family’s experience. She has since led a campaign to raise awareness about this case via poster printing. Bath, Chippenham and the surrounding region has responded to the case in a similar way to Tina and a Facebook group with over eleven thousand members has been set up to encourage anyone with any information on where James might be to contact the police.

Poster printing in Bath has been used several times in the past to raise awareness about missing persons cases and this, coupled with the wide reach of the internet, has often brought comfort to families of those who have gone missing. On Monday 4th April a body was found in the River Avon however, this is yet to be identified and there is still hope that James Bubear will be found alive.