Posters promote Bath hospital

September 17, 2010 by  

An advertising poster campaign that has come under fire in Bristol. Posters have been produced and displayed, highlighting the services of a private hospital in Print company in Bath printing services Bath. The hospital, CircleBath, located in Peasedown St John has been criticised for the posters and been accused of trying to recruit patients from Bristol with this advertising method.

The organisation, Keep Our NHS Public, has a Bristol branch and spokesperson, Gwyneth Powell-Davies, responded to the poster campaign by claiming that CircleBath is marketing healthcare like a commodity and said that their organisation feels that everyone deserves the best health care when they are ill. Many Print company in printing services in Bath printing services printing services in Bath and other areas surrounding Bristol are usually unaware of the impact that such poster campaigns can have.
CircleBath is a private hospital but is also available to access by NHS patients. CircleBath’s poster campaign on billboards and bus stop poster sites comes after patients have been able to choose where they are treated on the NHS, a choice that has been available to patients over the past couple of years.

CircleBath’s poster campaign encourages people to ‘ask your doctor to refer you’ and promotes some of their services as equal to a four star hotel with Michelin star chefs and ensuite private rooms. The hospital said that it was not trying to poach NHS patients or step on the toes of any specialist teaching hospitals in the region and that by actually treating NHS patients, it was contributing to the overall improvement of health care and hospitals in the area by promoting competition.