Posters and flyers spur fight against school closure

October 18, 2010 by  

Parents in Bath have rallied together and enlisted the help of companies offering poster and flyer printing around Bath in order to try and save a secondary school in the area from closure.

A group of parents gathered together after hearing that it had been proposed that Culverhay secondary school was going to be closed down. The parents, keen to halt the closure, have decided to launch a campaign to save the school through a number of methods from organising a survey to gather opinions of parents of primary school aged children in the area as well as delivering flyers in the area and putting posters up in local shop windows.

The council in Bath and North East Somerset have set out their proposals to close Culverhay Secondary school, stating that a move to close a school is never taken lightly but that the move will help to reduce the number of surplus school places in Bath as the school is undersubscribed.

However, campaigners argue that people have been confused by the council’s decision with some parents assuming the school, which is currently boys only, was temporarily closing in order for the building to be refurbished and reopen as a co-educational school. Campaigners have said that, from their survey, they discovered that parents of primary school children would consider sending their children to Culverhay School if it became a co-educational establishment.
Supporters of Culverhay are using poster and flyer printing as part of their campaign, as they are keen to keep the school open as it is seen as a good school serving an area which is one of the most deprived in Bath.