New currency could boost POS printing businesses in Bath

February 12, 2011 by  

Bath residents will soon be able to pay for goods and services in the city using The Oliver – a unique alternative currency that is to be accepted in some businesses as well as the pound. This initiative is being launched by BathLets, an organisation that has encouraged local residents to give up their own time and help each other in return for credits that can be spent on local goods and services at participating businesses. This could produce a boost in POS printing in Bath as more and more businesses decide to accept The Oliver as a form of payment. Businesses will need to produce signage to inform customers that they can pay with this form of currency as well as with standard pounds sterling. The alternative currency has already proved to work well in Devon where the Totnes pound increased customer for around 70 companies in the area who accepted this as payment.

Local printing companies in Bath have always been supportive of local business initiatives so would be on hand to provide any necessary POS printing as required. Bath businesses looking to boost the local economy by using The Oliver could contact local print companies in Bath to ask them to help promote this within their business and by doing so would be further supporting local businesses. The idea at the heart of this alternative currency is that it will help create a feeling of community for Bath residents and will encourage trading in the city.