Meeting printing deadlines

May 15, 2010 by  

When producing company literature such as newsletters or magazines, meeting printing deadlines is essential in order to avoid costly mistakes, but in some situations your company may be working right up to the wire and there is a fine balance between having the most up to date information in your company literature and missing the printing press deadlines. You only need to look at the newspaper headlines on the morning after the election to see that the deadlines of the country’s printing press meant that the newspapers struggled to meet the public’s need for the most up to date information possible. Headlines were uncertain as Britain faced a hung parliament but, as results were still trickling in, the newspapers could not call for certain what was happening before they had to go to press and some relied on speculation.

Businesses in Bath should know the benefits of working with a local printing company in Bath, rather than a larger printing house, when looking to get their news out to consumers in order to build up a strong relationship and receive a more personal service. You may not be on such tight deadlines as the national press with the whole nation hanging on your written word and expectations high for the most newsworthy scoop, however, for a professional appearance, your company information must be as accurate as possible. Building a close relationship with a local printer will ensure co-operation should you need to work to extend deadlines or negotiate on costs.