Litho can compete with Digital

December 18, 2009 by  

Back in January 2008 a Print company in printing company printing services printing company in Print company in bath printing services bath, Bath Colour Print, halved the time it took to produce its short run booklet jobs when they acquired a JDF-ready Horizon Power Collator. The company uses the twin tower Vac-Turbo book production line to produce short run work from its B2 and B3 Heidelberg perfecting presses.

The Bath colour printer, now established for three years, continues to enjoy the advantages of the kit. They continue to make savings with the production of 250 16pp four-colour brochures. Shortly after instillation of the new machinery company director Mr. Rick Higgins said:

It allowed the firm to compete with digital rivals for short-run jobs

The main reasons for this were that the CPT Litho press was faster, ink was cheaper than toner and there was no click count involved.

Bath Colour Print also offer poster, flyer, post card Print company in printing printing services printing and have achieved major time saving in the production of its brochure work. Shortly after installation of the new kit, the company said it had gained a 15 hour saving on a 65,000, 56pp run. They could now complete in 13 hours what would have taken 28 hours, a very impressive time saving which enabled the company to amend its estimating program.

The acquisition of the machinery represents a worthy investment and has increased orders, for which once they could not have competed. Other Print company in printing companies in Bath printing services printing companies in Bath may be considering similar investments in 2010.