International marketing push for tourism in Somerset

January 23, 2012 by  

Tourism in Somerset is set to get a boost as an international marketing push is launched to attract visitors from around the world to the area.

Visit Somerset is an organisation that has been set up to tout the attractions of Somerset to international travellers and tourists. Its first venture was to promote the area to visitors from China and this endeavour looks set to be successful in attracting a number of Chinese visitors to the region in 2012. Visit Somerset now aims to target travellers who live in Germany, Scandinavia and France to tempt them into visiting the region.

The Visit Somerset organisation produces a wide range of promotional materials designed to showcase what the area has to offer, producing leaflets, websites and promotional booklets combining in-house knowledge with the services of website developers and Print company in brochure printers printing services brochure printers.

Print company in Bath printing services Bath is a city in Somerset that has a wealth of attractions to offer to visitors and this, combined with the rich history of the area will be solid fodder that can be included in any promotional or marketing materials that are produced by Visit Somerset.

Visit Somerset works in partnership with the airline Flybe which aims to become the go-to airline for tourists visiting the south west of England. The Somerset Tourist Association’s vice chairman, John Turner, recently commented on the new marketing initiative, saying:

“These are incredibly vital links that we have made with ‘Flybe’ executives and Somerset will be rolling out the red carpet. We are already setting up Somerset for 2012 with some great international exposure.”