Flyers protest against badger culls in Somerset

February 28, 2012 by  

A conservation organisation from West Somerset has stepped up their action in the fight against badger culling by door-dropping leaflets and flyers throughout the area.

The flyers have been created by the Somerset Trust Badger Group and they aim to raise awareness of the fact that hundreds of badgers could face shootings carried out by farmers in a bid to rid local farms of these animals. Badgers have been considered a pest in the past and can often carry harmful diseases which can affect crops and livestock.

However, Adrian Coward, who is the chairman of the organisation, believes that there are better ways to deal with the problem than shooting badgers and that their cause will be helped by flyer printing. Bath and Somerset residents have often shown compassion in similar cases, and by raising awareness of the situation, action can be taken. Coward told Farmers Weekly:

“The badger killing is planned to start in August/September and last for six weeks… Clearly shooting badgers after dusk over such a large area of land will have a significant detrimental impact on quiet enjoyment of the countryside and indeed create a serious safety issue should just one bullet go astray. Many hundreds of healthy badgers will be shot or wounded.”

The main message in the leaflets that were distributed to local homes was that the Somerset Trust Badger Group wants local residents to rally against an organisation called Natural England when it comes to culling badgers.