Complex architect’s print models delivered in 24hrs?

November 27, 2009 by  

Realization Group Miami USA can now produce complex client models in 24hrs using Z corp.150 build material and a ZP printer 450 multicolor 3D printer. The printer is compatible with the existing ZP printer 150 and the ZP 650 colour 3D printer.

This illustrates huge advancement in 3D printing following years of research and development undertaken in many countries since 1986.

Let’s take Adrian Bowyer for example, senior lecturer and head of biometrics at the University of Bath. He is currently developing a rapid prototyping machine, known as RepRap. By studying the way organisms build structures he is able to abstract design from nature and use this in a digital world.

He says:

…it’s about methods for getting one, two, and three dimensional micron-scale structures made from polymer beads to assemble themselves…the aim to be able to make predetermined designable structures.

Also, Bath school of Art now offers a postgraduate course dedicated to 3D printing. This is becoming the preferred tool used by many sculptors, offering a new way to explore, develop and produce complex shapes. This kind of development may well help speed up the process even more.

There are many print companies in Bath offering solutions for traditional stationery and business card printing, printing flyers and posters, even brochures and catalogue printing. However, it might not be long before people in Bath can walk into their local printing company with a memory stick and walk out with their own uniquely designed, solid 3D artifact or 3D banner.