Chemist produces flyer to help promote a healthy winter

December 5, 2011 by  

A local pharmacy in Shipton in the Cotswolds has put together a flyer giving customers advice on how to stay safe and healthy over the cold winter months.

The chemist, called Pharmacy To My Door, offers a home delivery service for prescriptions. Because of the nature of their work, the pharmacists at Pharmacy To My Door are well-placed to deliver advice to those who may be most at risk of ill health, trips or falls as the weather gets colder.

The leaflet has been produced by the pharmacy and features information on the right kinds of foods to consume to ensure your immune system stays in top condition, as well as giving advice on how to care for minor illnesses like coughs and colds at home. The leaflet is being distributed to customers of Pharmacy To My Door as well as being available in local doctors’ surgeries. The medium is easy to engage with and easy to distribute to local residents, which is why Pharmacy To My Door opted to produce the communication using flyer printing.

Bath, like the Cotswolds, is also an area with a number of residents who may live in relatively rural areas. Somerset is home to many small villages near to Bath that may easily be cut off in cold weather so the advice being distributed could be worth sharing across the country rather than just in one area.

Copies of the leaflet can be obtained direct from Pharmacy To My Door by calling them or going direct to their website: