Business cards as a marketing tool

July 30, 2010 by  

Businesses in Bath could be forgiven for thinking that, in these difficult times, that marketing efforts should be cut in order to provide savings for their business. Not true as it is more important than ever to be putting your message in front of customers but it can be difficult to justify marketing materials during difficult times for businesses in general. Consider more cost efficient printed marketing materials such as business cards. Business cards are not just for exchanging contact information; they can play a big role in the marketing of your company. Aside from exchanging the expected information such as company names and contact details, your business card can now to be seen to include your company USP or slogan and the major customer benefits of using your company.

The printed style of your card can make it stand out from the crowd. Recycled materials can appeal to consumers, information printed vertically rather than horizontally can stand out and fold over cards are increasingly popular as they allow your company to display more information. The quality of your business card speaks volumes about the type of company that you are and it is important to keep the quality in mind when designing a business card in terms of fonts, styles and colours and also when you are looking to print a business card. There are local companies who will be able to quote on business card printing in Bath and ensure that your creative efforts do not go to waste in the production process.