Brochure printers in Bath to raise awareness of carer issues

January 9, 2011 by  

Bath GP surgeries have been targeted by a government-run campaign to raise awareness and support for carers in Bath and the surrounding area. The campaign aims to appoint at least one ‘Carer’s Champion’ in each GP surgery in the area and this is being achieved by making health professionals and the public alike more aware of what defines someone as a carer. Brochure printers in Bath could be called on to provide their services should the campaign leaders decide that they need to communicate messages via printed media. Brochures are renowned for their trusted format and for being a clear and simple way to present important information in a concise and engaging way.

Many local authorities turn to printing companies in Bath when looking to produce such material and so the Carer’s Champion campaign would benefit from the prior experience and knowledge in producing public awareness materials.

Currently, it is thought that over 10% of the UK population acts as a carer in some way to family or friends, but not everyone would think of themselves as a carer. The Carer’s Champion campaign is a way of highlighting what would qualify someone as a carer and also give valuable information on the support that is available.

The campaign has already ensured that over half of the GPs surgeries in Bath now have a Carer’s Champion, but by further raising awareness of the issue they hope to have a champion in every GP surgery in the region. By communicating their messages using local brochure printers in Bath, the campaign leaders could be sure of a convenient, efficient service that would ensure the right message is communicated in the best possible way.