Bath to clean up the streets

August 22, 2010 by  

The local council is turning to companies who offer poster printing in Bath and local businesses and groups to support their latest initiative to clean up the streets of the city. Bath and North East Somerset Council are looking to produce posters and have hundreds of businesses in the area put them up in their staff areas and windows to discourage the public from littering in the area.

On the spot fines may be given if anyone is found dropping litter on the floor and the council want to make sure that everyone is aware of their collective responsibility in keeping the city clean. The campaign will remind people in the area that they would not litter their own garden or driveway and so should treat the city centre in the same way. The council include cigarette butts in their definition of litter and hope that the £75 on the spot charge will act as a deterrent to all. The tougher rules can be seen already in enforcement as officers have already issued 90 fines in 2010 compared to 112 fines across the whole of last year.

Residents will be encouraged to get further involved by organising community litter picking or reporting any litter or graffiti that they see in the area. The council hope to engage and secure the involvement of several hundred businesses with their posters as they believe that a pleasant urban environment serves business in the area as customers will be encouraged to come back and shop.