Bath print firm continues in successful business

January 8, 2010 by  

A Bath printing company, Ralph Allen Press, established in 1925, has now been in business for over 83 years. The company describes themselves as one of the best equipped and most experienced print companies in the West, with a reputation for openness and efficiency.

The company’s continued existence was assured last year after a 100% share buy-out by joint managing director Mr. Jason Hindle. Mr.Hindle raised a £500,000 package from Lombard to buy-out the shares from former business partner Stuart Neathey. Following the majority takeover, Mr. Hindle stated that the ongoing aim of the business was to build on its existing client base and “keep the business moving forward.” He also said:

“I made the move in order to safeguard the employees’ jobs and ensure the company in the long term. I am delighted to have the opportunity to take full ownership of what is a successful business,”

The printing company in Bath services a range of clients including local universities, water sector clients and the NHS and has 19 employees. They offer a service which begins with a client’s concept and is then expertly managed through the processes of pre-press and print, to its final delivery of items such as flyers, posters and stationery, with the client kept fully informed of every stage of the process.

This is an encouraging story of a successful printers in Bath in tough times. So many long established print firms, including some print companies in Bath, no longer exist but this company seem set to ride out the bad times and continue into the future.