Alcohol leaflets target elderly in Bath

November 8, 2010 by  

Companies offering flyer printing in Bath were given an unusual brief as the Bath and North East Somerset Council commissioned leaflets as part of a joint venture with the NHS trust in the area, aimed at raising awareness of alcohol abuse amongst the elderly community.

Alcohol abuse messages are often aimed at teenagers and other members of the community but, as part of a new venture, messages of safe drinking are being aimed at the retired with the use of printed flyers.

Health professionals will visit groups run by organisations such as Age Concern, and pensioners will be distributed the leaflets. The leaflets are entitled Alcohol and Later Life and it is hoped that the sessions will raise awareness of issues that can result from excessive drinking amongst older groups of society. It is felt that this problem can often be hidden as pensioners may often drink in their home. The campaign will work with groups such as Age Concern to promote a safe attitude to drinking within limits and get the message across that drinking alcohol can affect some medications that pensioners may be taking, or affect balance and the likelihood of a fall if someone is unsteady.

The main focus of the council and the NHS’ alcohol related campaigns this year has been on how teenagers misuse alcohol and also how parents’ drinking can affect young children. It was felt however that the message was relevant to all and should be extended to other groups who are often not as associated with alcohol problems.