New recycling scheme promoted in Basingstoke

July 24, 2011 by  

A new recycling scheme for household electrical goods has launched in Basingstoke and is being promoted across a number of channels.

Basingstoke entrepreneurs Sam Mountain and Sam Prentice appear to have struck financial and environmental gold with their new recycling venture. The scheme sees the business partners collecting unwanted electrical items from homes across the Basingstoke region and recycling their internal parts and components. The pair has told Basingstoke residents:

“If it has a plug or battery, we’ll collect it from your home and take it away to be recycled down to its raw materials.”

Mountain and Prentice have called their service EEECycle, which is part of the wider Waste-IT business, based at Basingstoke Business Park. They are aware of the financial benefits they can reap from recycling unwanted components, which are often made from metals such as copper, gold and silver. However, they are also interested in the environmental benefits that their business can bring, such as stopping certain toxic plastics from going to landfill and then contaminating the water supply.

EEECycle is being promoted through several channels, with the latest advertising campaign featuring social media and leaflet drops through local doors using communications produced by companies offering flyer printing. Basingstoke residents have been quick to respond to the flyers, with over 10 tonnes of recyclable electrical items being collected in one month. Flyer printing can be effective in its own right but when coupled with online campaigns, EEECycle’s message can be amplified and have a greater reach.