Increased investment in technology for printing company in Basingstoke

February 25, 2011 by  

A leading UK commercial printing company has recently invested in its future by buying in six new colour printing machines that are designed to increase output and productivity. The company, Synergie, is based in Basingstoke and has five other centres throughout the UK. This is great news for local printing companies in Basingstoke as it shows an increased faith in the printing industry. Whilst larger design, marketing and printing companies in Basingstoke such as Synergie focus on their bigger business accounts, this gives local print companies in Basingstoke the opportunity to focus on providing smaller local businesses and individuals with professional-quality printing, such as providing high-quality banner printing in Basingstoke.

Whilst this recent investment in printing technology is limited to Synergie at the moment, it shows a shift in the recent view of the printing industry and means that confidence is being restored in print communications. Local, smaller printing companies are finding that the demand for things like digital banner printing in Basingstoke is increasing and that whereas in recent years the consensus has been that online communication is the key to successful advertising and promotion, there is still as real role for printed communications to play in the world of marketing and advertising, especially when it comes to smaller businesses and organisations. Using a local print company in Basingstoke as opposed to a bigger, nationally based one allows small companies more control over their print jobs, giving them a more polished result.