Exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day prompts postcard printing in Basingstoke

March 26, 2011 by  

Fairfields art gallery in Basingstoke is hosting an exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. The exhibition runs at the gallery until the 7th of April and will feature a number of works of art across a variety of mediums by female artists. The show features work from women who are based in the UK and abroad and even features the work of some local artists. This is the 18th year that Fairfields art gallery has hosted an event to mark International Women’s Day and the growing popularity of the event is seeing an increase in demand for souvenirs and memorabilia to be available for purchase as part of the exhibition. This could spark extra demand for services such as postcard printing in Basingstoke. Printing companies who are based in the Basingstoke region could easily produce replicas of the exhibited works of art in postcard form which could then be sold or distributed as part of the exhibition.

Some artists who are featured even create their works of art after being inspired by postcard printing. Basingstoke-based artist Claire Leach creates beautiful drawings that are inspired by nostalgia, postcards and old souvenirs. Local printing companies in Basingstoke would be able to add real value to the exhibition by offering their services to help either promote it or to create saleable merchandise for it. The exhibition attracts many visitors to Basingstoke each year and this is good for not only the gallery and local artists but also for the economy of Basingstoke in general.