Dame Vivienne Westwood’s climate change poster inspires local schoolgirls

May 27, 2011 by  

Two local schoolgirls from Basingstoke recently received a reply from fashion guru Dame Vivienne Westwood after being inspired to write to her about a climate change poster.

Dame Vivienne Westwood published full page ads and posters in newspapers to raise awareness about climate change and how to take action to stop it. Local schoolgirl sisters Elise and Abigail Weston were shown the poster by their mother and felt strongly about the issues raised in it.

Elise, who is a ‘Climate Cop’ at Fairfields Primary School, was moved enough to write a letter to Dame Vivienne Westwood, asking the fashion designer and environmental activist for tips on how to inspire her classmates to act on climate change. The fact that the poster evoked such strong feelings in Elise is a testament to the power of poster printing. The Basingstoke-based schoolgirl wrote the letter and her sister drew a picture on it before sending it off, not expecting a real reply.

However, Dame Vivienne Westwood did reply with her advice – learn as much as you can and ask questions of your teachers when they speak about climate change – and local newspapers have since been inspired by Elise’s story. A copy of the letter and Dame Vivienne Westwood’s response can be viewed on the fashion designer’s blog.

Raising awareness of climate change is becoming an increasingly hot topic and there are a variety of ways to spread the word about how to stop climate change, from events to blogging to poster printing. Basingstoke and the surrounding areas have been inspired by Elise’s response to the Dame’s poster, demonstrating that printed communication is still important when talking about conservation and raising awareness of environmental issues.