Cooking appliance brand launches cross-channel marketing campaign

January 8, 2012 by  

A leading cookery and kitchen appliance brand is launching a year-long marketing push across several channels to celebrate 100 years in the business.

Belling, a British manufacturer of cookers, ovens and other kitchen equipment are celebrating their centenary year in 2012. To support the centenary, the brand is planning a wide-reaching campaign celebrating its British roots. The communications campaign will run across a number of channels, including digital, social media, public relations, advertisements in trade publications and pos printing.

From Basingstoke to Belfast, Belling is celebrating being at the ‘Heart of British Cooking for 100 years’ and a special logo has been designed which will feature on all digital and printed communication material. The brand is also launching a book commemorating this special anniversary; another example of how bespoke printing can help to communicate with consumers on a number of different levels. The printed trade advertisements and point of sale printing form the rest of the print side of the campaign. The fact that Belling has balanced their communications mix between digital, print and PR activity shows that they understand they are catering for a number of different audiences that vary from the traditional to the modern.

The Chief Executive for Belling, Denver Hewlett, spoke to The Drum about the centenary marketing activity, saying:

“We are extremely proud of our heritage and all that the brand has achieved, so we intend 2012 to be a year of celebration that engages consumers with our history and everything that makes Belling a great British brand.”