Book published to celebrate all things stationery

April 7, 2012 by  

A new book has been published as a celebration of stationery printing, craft, design and production and is designed to give people an insight into how stationery printing works.

From Basingstoke to Berlin, people have been designing and printing bespoke and artisan-esque stationery for years. Charlotte Rivers’ new book, simply titled ‘I Love Stationery’, aims to explore and champion the art of stationery making in an age when the physical written or printed word is often overlooked in favour of blogs, social media sites and other digital channels.

Charlotte Rivers uses her book as a window into the inner workings of the stationery world, from investigating the process behind hand crafted stationery that uses techniques like etching and hand-drawn illustrations to looking at newer, more modern techniques such as digital illustration and full colour printing. As well as writing the book, Charlotte is also a keen blogger and contributor to a number of magazines on the subject of design and creativity.

In an age when print and digital content are often in competition for recognition, the ‘I Love Stationery’ book not only celebrates lost traditions and age-old crafts, but it also embraces the idea that these can merge with newer techniques to produce interesting and tailor-made stationery. The book also features interviews and insights from the people who make and produce stationery, giving the reader a real snapshot of what it takes to create beautiful stationery.

The book is out now and is priced at £16.99.