Basingstoke print workers on strike

June 18, 2011 by  

Workers at a printing company in Basingstoke are on strike due to disputes about working conditions and pay.

Around 50 employees of Wyndeham Impact print company have been on strike three times in the last month, with support from workers union, Unite. The strikes originally started over a lack of co-operation from management to review the company’s pay policy. Several workers took a pay cut of 13% in 2009 with a view to this being reviewed within a year; however this review has not taken place. Sick pay has also been stopped and wages are being docked for those who are late for their shifts at the print company.

This dissent is common amongst larger firms, especially in the current economic climate where employers are relying on workers to be compliant with their cost-saving exercises as businesses across the UK tighten their belts. There has also been a shift across businesses who may have previously kept all of their eggs in one basket. Some firms are now spreading their work around, using several smaller companies as opposed to one larger company to protect their business from being affected by such strikes.

Smaller local printing companies offering services such as full colour printing to businesses in Basingstoke may benefit from this shift in mindset as businesses look for value and a less-volatile environment in which to carry out their day-to-day print jobs.

Steve Sibbald from the worker’s union Unite said that Wyndeham Impact would

“continue to take action until they feel they are being heard.”