Basingstoke couple’s Indian memoires recorded in print

February 28, 2012 by  

A Basingstoke couple who are now in their nineties have recorded 16 years of adventures that they shared in India in print.

Winnie and Frank Tovey, aged 90 and 92 respectively, spent 16 years living and working in Mysore in India throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The couple are originally from Basingstoke but moved to India to establish clinics to help those in need of medical attention in poorer parts of the sub-continent.

Frank Tovey is a renowned surgeon who received an OBE for his work in the field. The book is made up of sections from Frank and is largely written by Winnie, and is called “Cor blimey, where ‘ave you come from?”. It features a number of stories about the couple’s adventures and work in India and the work they did in their clinics, particularly with leprosy and diabetes. Some of the pioneering medical techniques and work that Frank talks about in the book were taken on by Basingstoke Hospital.

By preserving these stories in using a publishing or printing company, Basingstoke’s residents will be able to enjoy them for generations to come. Despite the rise of e-books and e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle, there is still a significant demand for print books. The fact that real people’s stories generate enough of this demand are a real testament to the strength of the medium of print.

Winnie and Frank’s book will be available in major book shops such as Waterstones.