Banner printing services from Minuteman Press

People use our banner printing services at Minuteman Press because they know they’ll get a good job done for minimal outlay. But the costs may not end there. You should always read the local bylaws, when considering banner printing to advertise your goods and services, and be prepared to pay the council for the privilege.

The public gates and railings of Reigate and Banstead District Council, in Surrey, used to be an untidy mess of Mosh Pits and weekend raves. Now, they’re tidy display areas for local arts events and community sales, with a message that no banners can be hung without the approval of R & B district council. Private traders can advertise, but at the council’s discretion – and for a fee.

This has nothing to do with “Big Brother” watching over you. It was due to complaints that traders and organisations paying for professional banner printing services were seeing their efforts obscured or torn down by unscrupulous third parties. An unattractive eyesore, these notices were also a danger to motorists and pedestrians, contravening half a dozen health and safety laws. Hastily pegged up at dead of night, they could all too easily come adrift and end up across a windscreen, or pavement. And the often lurid colours and content were an added distraction to motorists.

When you order banner printing from us at Minuteman Press, you know that you are getting a professionally printed product that will display your business or service in the best light possible, with brass eyelets for secure hanging. However, before you decide on banner printing for public display, you first need to know the local bylaws, which can affect the size, colour scheme and content.

Some councils (such as Reigate & Banstead) have strict restrictions on private advertising, giving priority to things of benefit to the community – bring and buy sales, am dram productions, school fetes etc. The same applies to colour. However community-worthy your banner printing is, it’s unlikely to get passed if it’s in lurid fluorescent hues that are a distraction to passing motorists.