Print companies around Banbury are on health and safety red alert

December 12, 2010 by  

Printing companies in the Banbury and surrounding North Oxfordshire areas are on a health and safety alert after a local printing company was fined £4,000 plus court costs at the beginning of December due to negligence. BenhamGoodHead Print from the Chaucer area were found guilty of breaching health and safety rules at a magistrates court in Banbury after a worker at their printing company near Banbury had his thumb crushed and cut by a machine. It was later revealed that the machine was missing an essential part of a guard that could have prevented this from happening. This acts as something of a warning to printing companies throughout the Banbury region and beyond and rigorous checks are now taking place at various firms in the area to ensure they are compliant with health and safety laws.

It is imperative that in a delicate economic climate, companies do not put themselves at unnecessary risk of loss or negative publicity. There are several print companies in Banbury who have excellent employee health records and have flawless reputations when it comes to providing services like flyer, poster and POS printing.

Local Banbury businesses rely on these print companies to provide essential marketing and advertising services and it is often their good reputation and customer advocacy that generates both new and repeat business. This, aside from the obvious humanitarian risks, is reason enough to ensure that machinery, workers and reputation stays intact.