Outdoor advertisers support Olympic Games

July 11, 2010 by  

A major outdoor advertising sales company has signed a deal with London 2012 to exclusively supply outdoor advertising media space to London 2012 between now and the Olympic Games. CBS Outdoor, which has advertising space on the London Underground including the Docklands Light Railway, buses and tram systems nationally and rail stations across the country. CBS also has advertising space in the relatively new and upmarket shopping centre, Westfield, in London.

CBS will provide London 2012 with media space across these environments for all their major marketing campaigns in the run up to the games, including the recruitment of volunteers, gathering a fan base for the games and generating awareness of tickets and launching the sales for the events.

CBS will be a Tier Three provider for the Olympics, including the Paralympics – Tier Three providers usually provide value in kind and no money is exchanged in the deal. It is felt that CBS’ inventory will allow the 2012 games to extend the reach of their message across the country and communicate with people outside of London about how they can get involved. For CBS, it allows them to demonstrate the value of their inventory to their existing clients and any prospective ones.

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