Opera threatens to disrupt village

August 28, 2010 by  

A resident of an Oxfordshire village has designed and produced hundreds of leaflets in protest to a plan to bring opera to the area. Summer operas are planned for a village in Oxfordshire for next year and residents of the area fear that their peace and quiet will be destroyed. Now a concerned resident has produced leaflets detailing the opera plans to distribute to other villagers in the area to try to drum up support to protest against the ideas. Turville, near Henley in Oxfordshire was the location for filming TV’s The Vicar of Dibley and now the pretty village is facing an increase in traffic next summer as the Wormsley Estate in the area is looking to become the new venue for Garsington Summer Operas. Organisers for the Garsington Summer Operas are seeking a new venue after their previous lease ran out at Garsington. Residents of Turville are up in arms about the plans that will bring increased traffic to the area and it is felt may disrupt the wildlife of the village as well as villager’s quality of life in this picturesque part of the country.

A resident, Dr Veronica Ramsey, who has lived in this part of Oxfordshire for 4 years, has produced and distributed the leaflets in order to raise public action and support against these plans. Leaflets are a great cost effective way to get a message out to hundreds of people and print companies in Banbury, Henley or other areas of Oxfordshire will be able to provide print quotations.