New cultural centre for Banbury

December 20, 2009 by  

Following the success of the recent development of the new Spiceball Leisure Centre in Print company in Banbury printing services Banbury, Cherwell District Council has agreed to submit a planning application for a new Cultural quarter to be situated east of the Print company in Oxford printing services Oxford Canal.

The local council has made £60,000 available to accelerate the scheme forwards. Many discussions have taken place over several months between Oxfordshire County Council and the Mill Management Committee. The aim of the development is to create a new cultural centre in Print company in Banbury printing services Banbury. The main features of the scheme are the development of a brand new library, an impressive new public open space, a new restaurant and the comprehensive refurbishment of the Mill Theatre. The development will also tie in very well with the nearby museum.

The new development will have a positive effect on the town, providing new opportunities for individual leisure activities as well as being good for local business. For example, increased demand for advertising printed matter; which will be a positive for Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies in Banbury. Cherwell District Councils recreation and health representative Mr. George Reynolds said:

this part of Banbury is set to become the heart of cultural and leisure activities in the region.

It is heartening in troubled economic times to know that enthusiasm for future development in some UK towns continues to move forwards, despite the downturn. This development should prove to be another valuable asset for the people of Banbury and further increase its tourist trade.