Minuteman Banbury supports local and national charities with Christmas card sales

February 4, 2010 by  

Minuteman Banbury endorses all the Corporate Christmas Cards they print with the logo of the Carers Centre (North Oxon) to raise awareness in the community of the important work the Carers do.  In return Minuteman provides free printing the following year of a percentage of sales.  This year the Carers Centre will receive free printing to the value of £218 and already need some letterheads urgently.  Funds are in short supply at many charities at this time so free printing is particularly helpful.

Bill Brown, owner of Minuteman, said,

We’ve supported the Carers for many years.  As well as theChristmas Card initiative we do free printing for the annual golf day in September which is the Carers biggest single fund raising event, regularly bringing in excess of £10,000.  This year we’ll be promoting the Golf Day to over 1000 people in the local area using the Minuteman email facilities, something we offer to a number of community events.  We also heavily discount the other work we do for them.  The Carers provide a great service to many people locally helping young and old alike.  The Christmas Card Blanks we buy from wholesalers also generate cash for Cancer Research which is our favourite national charity.

Bill Brown