Council warns of spiritual healers

November 14, 2010 by  

Trading standards have issued a warning in the Oxford area advising people in the region to be on their guard from people using flyer printing to advertise their ‘special’ powers as clairvoyants or spiritualists in exchange for money.

Trading standard’s warning comes as it is revealed that a man from Oxford had lost £70,000 to a man who claimed that he could resolve family and personal problems and help those who thought they had been affected by black magic. The charlatan may have used a company offering flyer printing in Banbury or other areas around Oxford to produce leaflets which were distributed around the Headington area during the month of September 2007. One Oxford man responded to the leaflet’s offer and then found over the course of the following months that he was conned out of parting with thousands of pounds by the bogus healer and his alleged special powers. The fraudster, Mohammed Havir, is wanted by the Thames Valley Police who are looking for information on where he might be and his photograph appears on their Most Wanted website.

Trading standards at Oxfordshire County Council claimed that there was little in place to control people who offered such services to the vulnerable, and those who place their faith in spiritual healers are often reluctant to acknowledge that they may be being exploited when they part with their money for such ‘help’. In the United Kingdom, schemes involving health cures and bogus clairvoyants are in the top five scams across the country.