Consumers crave promotions in Banbury

June 11, 2010 by  

Kantar Worldpanel reports that supermarket giant Asda is continuing to face some difficult times as they drop in market share for the fifth consecutive month. Their sales are growing, but slower than the market average compared to the likes of Morrisons or Sainsbury’s. Neilson also published data to show a similar trend.

It is concluded that shoppers still require encouragement to spend and remain quite fickle in terms of where they will spend their money. Retailers offering savings will see a shift in consumer loyalties in the current trend. Asda offers an ‘every day low prices’ initiative but perhaps this is not connecting as well with consumers looking for promotions.

Other types of retailers should consider what can be learnt from this. High Street stores in Banbury could bear in mind that highlighting value to consumers is really important in a difficult climate and any promotions that are on offer to encourage spend need to be communicated clearly to consumers. This can be done effectively through point of sale advertising. Highlighting at the point of purchase any particular promotions or special offers can incentivise customers to spend or shift their loyalties to buy products in your store that they may usually buy elsewhere.

Printing companies in Banbury will be able to advise on all manner of point of sale materials to highlight offers. Depending on your store or products, an A-board outside the store or counter displays might be most appropriate but Banbury printers will be able to advise on a range of POS opportunities.