Scottish public sector contract starts for Royal Mail

April 25, 2012 by  

A contract between Royal Mail and many governmental organisations in Scotland started recently, as part of a deal that extends the partnership by up to four years.

Royal Mail, the state-controlled postal service, currently provides mail services to various organisations and government agencies throughout Scotland but this new contract could see the remit given to Royal Mail expanding to cover other services such as printing and sourcing customised stationery. Many governmental organisations in Scotland already commission companies to carry out bespoke stationery printing. From Ayr to Aberdeen, many cities throughout Scotland could now see Royal Mail giving them a helping hand with these tasks.

Whilst government organisations tend to opt for large firms under contracts to carry out mail distribution or printing, many local businesses or not-for-profit organisations and clubs choose to use local print shops to carry out services like stationery printing. This both supports the local economy and helps to ensure that these print jobs are tailor-made to the business’s exact requirements.

The extended Royal Mail contract for Scotland’s public organisations covers the police service, fire service, health care and local authorities throughout the country. The sales director for Royal Mail commented on the contract, saying:

“We are very pleased to have won this contract.

“Royal Mail put in a very strong commercial bid that was able to compete both on money and quality.

“Postal service is our business, it is what we do and have done for centuries and we are happy to use our expertise to provide the best value to the Scottish taxpayer.”