Racecourse McDonald’s reopens in Ayr

May 1, 2017 by  

The branch of the fast food chain McDonald’s which is located within the grounds of Ayr Racecourse has now reopened to the public, after undergoing an impressive digital upgrade.

Those wishing to buy themselves a snack during race day can now enjoy the full benefits of this makeover, which was made possible thanks to a significant financial investment. Among the changes that they will find are several kiosks for self-service that are designed to make ordering food quicker and easier.

There is also a great deal more space within the restaurant itself, and further seating has been added, as well as table service. This will mean customers no longer have to search for a free table while also carrying trays of food.

The last of the big changes is the addition of a drive-thru service that is situated alongside the main restaurant area. Speaking to the Ayr Advertiser, owner Andy Gibson stated that he anticipated that hungry diners would linger after eating to explore the new digital options, adding:

“Having already seen customers reacting positively to these changes in my Glasgow and Hamilton restaurants, I am excited to hear what my customers in Ayr have to say about the new features.”

Restaurants based in the town often make use of places that can provide laminating services, for their menus.