Printing innovation in South Ayrshire wins design award

July 15, 2011 by  

A cycling guide and pocket map developed and printed by South Ayrshire Council recently won the accolade of ‘most creative design’ in the recent Pocketmedia Awards 2011.

Pocketmedia is a company that produces communications designed to be concise and compact and the Pocketmedia Awards are open to any company or organisation that has used Pocketmedia as part of a promotional campaign.

South Ayrshire Council used Pocketmedia to produce a cycling route map of the area. The map also contained information on local tourist attractions and was laminated so could even be utilised during rainy days in the great outdoors. The map was designed and produced using digital printing.

Ayr and the wider Ayrshire region are areas of natural beauty with lots to offer visitors and cyclists. South Ayrshire Council was keen to communicate this to people who might potentially cycle through the area and the map is an innovative way of doing this. Councils are often presented with a range of challenges when designing communications that will be both informative and creative, so to win an award for the cycling guide is a great achievement.

Peter Convery, the councillor for South Ayrshire that looks after sustainability and the environment, commented on the award, saying:

“There was very strong competition for the award and to achieve the Most Creative Design Award in the Pocket Media Awards 2011 is something to be proud of.”

As well as gaining local recognition in these awards, the map has also been added to the shortlist for a Print Innovation award in the national Good Communication Awards.