Posters promote Ayr

June 30, 2010 by  

A new exhibition is celebrating days gone by on the Clyde coast by displaying photographs, postcards and posters that were originally produced to promote the area as a popular Scottish seaside resort. The exhibition is to mark the centenary of the Prestwick Esplanade and hopes to give today’s visitors a glimpse into a time when people flocked to this coastline as often as people today take their holidays jet setting abroad.

From the turn of the century to as recently as 40 years ago, Glaswegians regularly holidayed in this part of Scotland and places such as Ayr were a popular destination for families looking to enjoy the seaside, fairs, amusement arcades and even beauty pageants.

The exhibition shows photos and posters of actors putting on a minstrel show during the 1920s on a beach and Prestwick’s outdoor pool being the venue for a line up of local beauties in a pageant. The exhibition of posters, postcards and photographs runs at Carnegie Library until July 1st and a local photographer Douglas Inness, who collated the pictures together, was amazed at what he was able to find to display at the exhibition.

Whilst the popularity of beauty pageants may have waned over the past few decades, and as Glaswegians head for more exotic climes, companies in the area could still use such marketing materials as posters and postcards to promote their services. If your company is looking for postcard printing in Ayr, or poster printing, then there are local printing businesses in the area that can help.