NHS targets Ayr

August 21, 2010 by  

Print companies in Ayr will be in demand over the coming months as NHS Ayrshire and Arran look to educate people in the area on using the NHS services on offer in this region. A campaign is being launched to educate the public entitled “When you’re ill, know who to turn to”. The ultimate aim is letting people know which NHS services to use for their condition and when.

The campaign will include printed posters and leaflets and also some online information giving details on which they can turn to if they need NHS assistance and the kinds of symptoms that they might be showing in order to need assistance from a pharmacist, a dentist, NHS out of hours service etc. The campaign has been developed in order to increase efficiency for both patients looking for treatment and for those NHS staff members who are offering treatment. Suggestions will also be given as to which situations the public could ‘self care’ – for example, minor illnesses such as coughs and colds – that they might be able to deal with themselves rather than making a doctor’s appointment for instance.

The NHS will also be looking to see if there are any geographical trends in the area in terms of the assistance that might be required to identify the appropriate service to turn to when looking for help. This is hoped that the campaign then can be made more targeted in order to give the right advice and expertise to those that need it most.