New platform for local talent in Ayr

February 22, 2010 by  

There are many businesses in Ayr, for example, the local business card printer or magazine publisher, who may have many undiscovered talents amongst their work force.

A local cultural enthusiast, Mr, Dougie Greg, who has recently graduated from a course in commercial music, believes the town is wasting its creative potential. Mr, Greg intends to reverse this by showcasing local talent at monthly events. He was shocked at the lack of opportunity for nurturing talent, he said:

“I look around and see so much culture being wasted – and it’s such a shame. You have places like the Gaiety Theatre shutting and I can’t understand why a town like Ayr, which has so much to offer, is lagging behind. I’ve been trying to think of ways to use what I learned on my course and I think we should be promoting the musical talent that exists here”

Mr. Greg has set up a company called Black Water Productions and he intends to put on monthly gigs at the Bar Liberine in Ayr. The first act booked is Julia and the Doogans. He believes that by offering a platform to local talent the whole thing will grow and ultimately expand the whole cultural ethos in the area.

The monthly gigs will also create work for print companies in Ayr who will be needed to produce the flyers and posters for the promotion of the events.

So print companies in Ayr, why not find out if any of your employees has a hidden talent and encourage them to take part in the new initiative? It could be very good for team building.