Local council to consider new marina for Ayr

June 7, 2017 by  

South Ayrshire Council is set to conduct a review into the possibility of a new marina being constructed within Ayr, with the hope that it will lead to a wider economic regeneration.

Should the project go ahead, it would make Ayr a genuine rival to the likes of Ardrossan and Troon and possibly bring significant sums of money to the area in the process. The marina would cost millions of pounds to create and would feature a range of facilities, including a restaurant, bar and café as well as spectacular views across to Arran.

South Ayrshire Council will carry out a study to determine the likelihood of the proposed marina attracting visitors from across the globe. Officials from the council have already met with the SNP and Associated British Ports – which owns the harbour – to discuss the idea.

At one time, South Harbour in Ayr catered to a burgeoning fish market and busy fleet of trawlers, but it has declined in the years since these moved to Troon. Speaking to the Daily Record, former councillor Ian Douglas said:

“The whole idea is it will bring a lot of business into the town. It will breathe life into that particular part of Ayr and open up the Riverside.”

If the project does get approval, the new companies based there will be able to use places offering business card printing to ensure they have the networking tools they need.