Leaflet design and print in Ayr

May 25, 2010 by  

Any companies in Ayr looking for cost effective marketing should consider leaflets as a great way to get your message or product benefits out to consumers. They can be targeted, provoke a response and are inexpensive to print as there are print companies in Ayr who would be able to provide a cost effective and professional service.

When starting to create your company leaflet, there are design and print tips that you can follow to help achieve success. It is important to plan a copy of how you want your leaflet set out before you start designing. Working out where the content, pictures and titles will go roughly should help you when you start to design. Whilst leaflets are an inexpensive promotional material, this does not mean that they should look cheap or unprofessional. This will reflect very badly on your business and undermine your products. If consumers do not feel that you are confident enough in your product or service to spend money promoting it, then they will not feel confident in it either.

Make sure your leaflet is attention grabbing. Distributing a leaflet is not enough. You need to ensure that your target audience reads it. Using a few ‘power’ words should ensure that you draw people’s attention to your leaflet; for example, strong words such as ‘Save’, ‘Discover’ or ‘Special Offer’. Once you have got their attention, make sure that your leaflet avoids clutter to ensure that your consumers read on. Keep your leaflet relevant and make sure all images and text are clear.